The #1 Interactive Sports Psychology Course for Student-Athletes

Parents of student-athletes who suffer watching their kids struggle in sports no longer have to search for answers. Save yourself the time, pain, and resistance your kid will have to seeing a sports psychologist. Give your kid the same tools professional athletes use to get out of their head and into the game.

Parents of student athletes

Sneak Peak

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our interactive program that helps athletes 12-17 years old improve their mental game.

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Perform just like you practice

Fear of judgment makes it very difficult to perform under pressure. Develop the skills to manage fear and uncertainty to unmask the abilities student-athletes possess to showcase their talents.

Never choke in a big game again

Sports performance anxiety is the #1 reason student-athletes fail to play to their potential. Access the tools to manage emotions, bounce back, and let go of mistakes and failures.

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Pro athletes superstitions and pre game rituals

Get Out Of Your Head & Into The Game

Negative thoughts create self-doubt and a lack of belief in one's self. This can quickly spiral out of control. Master the tools pro athletes use to enter flow state, play in the present moment, and win!

Your coach

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh - Mental Performance Coach and Expert In Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh is a Mental Performance Coach for Professional Athletes.

He's now sharing the exact same skills he teaches his pro athletes with student-athletes.

Success Stories

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh testimonials
Dr. Jay Cavanaugh testimonials
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