The People, Mindset, & Secrets
Behind The Best Pro Athletes

Hosted by: Mental Performance Coach Dr. Jay Cavanaugh

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Learn from the people who coach the top professional athletes in the world! Each episode is jam-packed with actionable tips you can use today to improve your performance.

3 Types Of Professional Athletes

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Dr. Jay Cavanaugh is a Mental Performance Coach from The USA. He works with athletes to improve by 1% daily. His interview style is to-the-point, revealing actionable tips you can put into action immediately to see a dramatic impact on your performance.

Dr. Jay Cavanaugh - Mental Performance Coach

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We interview the people behind the best athletes in the world. Elite trainers share their best tips on optimizing performance. Nutritionists share hydration and nutrition tips. Team principals share their best leadership skills. 

Unlocking the Key to Owning a Racing Team for 14 Years – Julien Perrier

 So Julian, you’ve been in this game of racing and having a team that you own for going on 14 years. What is the number one lesson you’ve learned in those 14 years, if you had to pick one? Uh, you got to be dumb to play this game. Tell me more. Oh, well, it’s,...

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5 Biggest Mental Errors Pro Athletes Must Avoid

When you’re getting paid millions of dollars annually, specific mental errors are unacceptable at the professional level. You must avoid these top five mental mistakes as a professional athlete to play to your potential and sign better contracts. If you just focused on reducing each of these errors, you would experience a dramatic impact on...

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7 Cryotherapy Benefits For Professional Athletes

Cryotherapy is a recovery method that involves exposing the body to freezing temperatures, typically between -120°C and -190°C, for a short period of time. Cryotherapy benefits for pro athletes include; helping reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and accelerate healing. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often use cryotherapy as a way to help recover from intense training and...

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Benefits Of Mental Coaching

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