Month: June 2023

Uncovering Josh Green’s Secrets: An Indy NXT Racecar Driver Interview

  So two weeks ago, Josh, he raced at the iconic Indianapolis Speedway. Um, what was the biggest take home that you had from that race? I love hearing how athletes kind of look back on a race weekend. Like what sticks with him, what stays with you most from that weekend? You know, I…

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Unveiling the Secrets to MLB Success: Interview with Biomechanist Dr. Tyler Hamer!

So, doc, you gotta tell me these electro dots that you have on the athletes that you’re analyzing the biometrics of or biomechanics of. I saw a video of you on YouTube. I see this. Character, which is like a, almost like a tron version of an athlete, a pro pro athlete. Then I see…

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Meet Amber Balcaen: A Race Car Driver Going ‘Full Throttle’ with Venturi Motorsports

Amber, what is the most challenging part of racing? A car. Of racing. The car. Of driving the car. Ooh, ooh. Driving a car. Wait, you drive cars or race cars? To me. Race cars. Wait, did I say driving a car? Racing cars? No. You said drive or no, you said race. You said…

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