Month: October 2023

Overcoming Sports Anxiety: Master Your Mind, Dominate the Game

 How many times have you said to yourself, Oh, I just couldn’t get comfortable in the car. I couldn’t get comfortable on the court. I couldn’t get comfortable on the motorcycle. Whatever it is, as an athlete, there’s always a time when we say that the reason we didn’t perform to our truest, highest potential…

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How to Become a 7-Time Champion in Motorsports With Motorcycle Hall of Fame Member Jeff Ward

 All right. So we have got a hell of a treat for you today. And when I rattle off this list of accomplishments, it’s just unreal. 56 national wins, four time, two 50 motocross champ, two time, two 50 supercross champ. Um, what first AMA pro title was in 1984 in the one 25 class….

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